About Us

The Konax company has been created in 1977, its first goal was to provide the best quality and the best performance to its customers.

Now, many years after its beginning, the last son of the creators family named "Fatih Sultan Mehmet SOLAK" took the decision to continue with the same idea and the same goal. He started the new adventure with AGRO FSMS company for the production of agricultures machines and RGS AGRO PIECE regarding the replacement items and equipments and customers service.

The most important value of the company is to provide a good welcoming for the customers and bring their satisfaction to the top by giving the best joint services.

Nowadays, the primary objective of the company for 2019 is to develop the market of all the Balkans countries to which it currently exports. Then for 2020, it intends to reach the European, Asian and North African countries markets.

In the pursuit of those goals, the principles are unchanged; the same satisfaction, the best quality and the best performance with its strengthened staff who is working towards to achieve those goals.